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Hi! I am wondering what percentage essential oils should be used in roll on essential oils for perfumes. I am aware that different rations are different types of names like the photo here. Although, these are spray ons and roll ons are skin contact. Is it even possible to make a roll on perfume or would it just be considered a "blend"? Because isn't the general usage for essential oils 1-2%? Looking forward to feed back,


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    For something that will directly contact the skin I definitely wouldn't go above the range you suggested for essential oils. Not sure that the perfume/fragrance naming guide would apply here. You might have trouble with stability of these oils over time as well. 
  • I personally wouldn't be going too much beyond 2%. Having said that, I know of some who go well beyond 2%.
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  • Sorry to jump in on this and I realise that I might be stating the bleeding obvious, but here goes. Different essential oils have different qualities and components (ie allergens, mutagens, etc).  They're the things you have to be careful of, not the oils per se.  You don't say where you are, but the EU has very strict guidelines which are a pretty good benchmark. A quick look at COSING will give you an idea of levels to look at.  Make sure you know the composition of your essential oils (Geraniol, d Limonene, Linalool are common allergens to look out for and Methyl Eugenol is a real corker that is a component of Rose oils) and make sure that they are within the allowed dose. I would keep the oils as low as you can without sacrificing your composition and use a neutral oil.  It might be idea to steer clear of Almond oil as a carrier what with the prevalence of nut allergies.
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