Dry Skin Feel - Varisoft EQ 65

I’ve started playing around with Evonik’s Varisoft EQ 65. Have made conditioner, which turned out nice and fluffy. Tried making a basic body cream yesterday and all seemed well until I applied it on my skin. It’s easily absorbed and almost immediately goes bone dry, leaving the skin feeling very dry. What could’ve gone wrong? Here’s the my formulation

Water qs 
Glycerine 5%
Allantoin 0.5%
Dermofeel PA 0.1%
Avocado Oil 6%
Cocoa Butter 2%
Shea Butter 2%
Varisoft EQ 65 4.75%
Cetearyl Alcohol 3.75%
Panthenol 2%
Vitamin E 0.1%
Preservative 0.7%
Fragrance 0.5%

PS. pH adjusted to 4.5


  • DoreenDoreen Member
    edited June 2019
    I would lower the cetearyl alcohol (and panthenol as well) and personally I would add a gelforming polymer. Varisoft also contains cetearyl, and my personal experience is that a too high % of fatty alcohols can become 'drying'.
  • NubianNubian Member
    Thanks @Doreen. Let me try another batch with reduced cetearyl and a polymer. I’ll actually make 2 batches; 1 with cetearyl alcohol & xanthan gum, and another with cetyl alcohol & a cationic guar gum.
  • NubianNubian Member
    Might have to scrap the idea of using xanthan gum since it doesn’t play well with cationics 
  • DoreenDoreen Member
    True. Xanthan is anionic and most gelforming polymers are.
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