Coffea Seed Powder - is it the same as ground coffee beans???

Is there a difference between COFFEA ARABICA/ROBUSTA SEED POWDER and freshly ground coffee beans of the same origin? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I notice with products like coffee scrubs, a lot list the former as the main ingredient. Wondering if they are one and the same thing? Thanks in advance.


  • In cosmetics you need to use the INCI name. Coffea Arabica Seed Powder and Coffea Robusta Seed Powder are the INCI names for ground coffee beans of the Arabic & Robusta varieties. Depending on the source it can be the green beans or roasted.
  • Thanks @JonahRay
    So technically, the same thing. I've been using a roasted product for testing small batches.
    I see there are cosmetic supply companies selling the "powder" but at significantly higher prices to say the equivalent in roasted ground coffee. Again, and pardon my ignorance - this is a huge learning curve for me - is there some kind of huge difference between what the cosmetic supplier is selling and regular old roasted ground coffee? i.e. Is there such a thing as "cosmetic grade" vs. "food grade" and is one more suitable over the other for use in body scrubs/skin care products?
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