• Petrolatum rules! It’s actually better than many hyped overpriced  products in the market. 
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  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    When you want to soothe baby's bottom
    all red and sore and whiffy,
    you just can't beat petrolatum
    it'll moisturise in a jiffy.

    Of course you could use veg oil
    Or perhaps an ester or two,
    The first is entirely natural,
    But is hi-tech better for you?

    If you enter the silicone jungle,
    You'll not find your way out, ever
    Dow has mixed and mingled and mungled
    Compounds incredibly clever.

    And so back to petrolatum,
    Greasy and rather inflammable,
    Best to stay away from the flame
    Or risk a fate worse than terrible.
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