Nature of "Light cloudy" in liquid soap based on SLES

In my very viscous liquid soap – at least 600 liters batch , which consist of SLES sodium laureth sulfate 70%, CDEA coco diethanolamide , CAPB coco amidopropylbetaine  and 2% of NaCl have formed small elongate crystales. So, clear soap looks like “light cloudy”. In small laboratory 1 l glass the soap looks as clear. But in this 600 liter volume – as cloudy. The nature of this crystales and why they formed I do not know, but try to reprocess soap. Without success. What I can do ?


  • AzizAziz Member
    Please take some sample in a beaker , add some distilled water with stirring and see what happens . 
    Did you use any perfume ?
    What percent of SLES , CDEA  and CAPB you used in your formulla ?
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