Lowering natural mud PH 7.0 -> 5.3 with Citric Acid. Unstabilty problem


Have got good response already 2 times on this forum, so going for nr 3 :) 

Making a rather simple natural ingredient formulation but ran into with some unstable PH problems. 

89% - Mineral Sea Mud (92% minerals, 7% organics, 1% carbonates).
5% - Glycerin
3% - Jojoba Oil
1% - Butylene Glycol
1% - Phenoxyethanol
0.5% - Citric acid
0.3% - Xanthan Gum
0.2% - Heather Fragrance

Phase A :  mixing 1/2 Glycerin ammount with Citric Acid and then adding to Mineral Sea Mud.

Phase B : mixing the other 1/2 Glycerin ammount with other ingredients and adding to phase A.

All cold phases.
PH drops from 7.0 -> ~4.7-5.3. 

Desired PH is achieved for body PH and mask application.

THEN, the PH stays stable for 3 hours and starts slowly to increase until it reaches 7.0 within a 4/5 days.

Any ideas from where to start or what to do to get PH stable?

I know that there might be quite a few reactions thanks to natural product and content of trace/heavy metals and organics ( humic acid, amino acid, fulvic acid, proteins etc). But still no harm is asking:)

Sincerely thankful


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