Rice Bran wax vs Carnauba wax

Hello Chemistcorner people,

I just made an o/w emulsion with rice bran wax instead of carnauba wax and I noticed it was much creamier and softer than the carnauba wax formula. Is this due the fact that Rice bran wax is a superior oil binder, thus creating more stable and creamier emulsions? I also added a little bit glyceryl stearate. But not so much, arnound 1% more, but substituted all my holding waxes for rice bran wax, so that's around 12% worth of rice bran wax. I am curious to know what special benefits rice bran wax has for making creamy and stable emulsions.

Looking forward for your thoughts on rice bran wax!


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Entirely different carbon chain distribution there. The homolog array makes a big difference in tactile, emulsification, fluidity. Carnauba has more higher carbon chain constituents, plus sterols, ester waxes. Feed it through a chromatograph and you'd see many more peaks than rice bran wax I'll wager.
  • Hello what did you mean by  homolog array? The molecule size/length?
  • SpongeSponge Member
    You’re using 12% rice bran wax and 1% glyceryl stearate for a lotion? Per usual, we need the whole formula in your OP to be helpful. That’s a lot of wax and
    ... I guess a normal amount of glyceryl stearate but low if it’s (one of) your primary. 
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