Why are different formulas used for different pan sizes? (Pressed Powder)

Hi all,

Im interested in learning more about pressed powders, so any resources/book recommendations are greatly appreciated. 

  • Why does pan pan size dictate formula changes? I’ll use Anastasia Beverly Hills as an example. Their 26mm, 0.05oz round singles are different from their 15mm(?), 0.02oz square pans used in palettes?

  • Another example is Marc Jacobs’ enormous (100+mm round?) 0.80oz bronzers/highlighters. I’d be interested in learning what kind of changes it takes to maintain integrity at that size. 

Again, any book titles or websites you find particularly informative would be incredible.



  • Larger surface area pans will be more prone to breakage during shipment or if dropped by the customer. Therefore the liquid binder to dry ingredient ratio will need to be changed as well as the pressure that each powder is pressed at in order to achieve the same / similar colour payoff.

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