Is the functionality of a copolymer/crosspolymer different?

Hi all,

This is one of those things, in my case, where you think you know what it is until you’re tested. Basically, I thought I knew that a copolymer was repeating units of a polymer and a crosspolymer was alternating units of two or more polymers. 

A.) What is the actual difference between the two (or three, if we include homopolymers)?
B.) Is there a functional difference between co- and cross-?
C.) Is there a functional difference between a copolymer/crosspolymer and simply adding those ingredients to a formulation in at the same ratios?
D.) What benefits do you gain from copolymers/crosspolymers? Eg. VP/hexadecene

Its late so I hope you see where I’m going. Anything you can teach me about the subject is much appreciated!
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