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I am new to this area of expertise. I am a Professional Make Up Artist looking to venture into my own make up line. I want to make liquid foundations, cream contour kits and concealer/corrector sticks for all shades of brown skin tones. Being of African American decent it is hard for me to find foundation to match my skin complexion. I have to mix two different ones from different brands to achieve the perfect match for my skin tone. So my line would be to help other woman dealing with the same thing. I need help finding a chemist/lab that works with smaller quantities and is experienced in makeup formulations. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



  • @EyeLovedMakeUp, hello! Have you tried Dermablend? It seems they have got everything that match to every possible skin tone? I admit it would be interesting idea
  • @vitalys they have one shade for brown skin in their powder foundation, and 4 shades in their cream foundation. Also, they are more geared at full coverage of scars and skin conditions. This line would be for the average girl/woman. Thanks for commenting. Hoping I can get a little help on here as to what direction to head in.
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