Performance of MinaSolve™ Green B as Preservative in O/W Emulsions?

Is MinaSolve™ Green B (INCI: Pentylene Glycol [and] Sodium Benzoate [and] Benzoic Acid by MinaSolve™) an effective preservative of O/W emulsion skin products?

MinaSolve™ Green B seems to tick all the boxes: COSMOS approved; broad spectrum anti-microbial activity; suitable for hot and cold processing; minimizes pH shifts; can be added at any stage in production process; mild to the skin; globally approved; colorless; practically odorless; and contributes to a pleasant skin feel.  It would appear to be an ideal preservative for leave-on skin products.

What has been your experience or what are your impressions (considering the INCI contents) of MinaSolve™ Green B?  Could it effectively preserve a product over an 18 month long shelf life?

What might be the weaknesses or drawbacks of MinaSolve™ Green B as a preservative?

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, comments, and discussion about MinaSolve™ Green B as a preservative whether you have direct experience with this product or not.



  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    Sodium benzoate and benzoic acid are pretty much the same thing. Sodium benzoate is ineffective at pH >=5.5. The pentylene glycol is a hurdle-type component, similar to caprylyl glycol, it's biostatic and fungistatic which is not the same as biocidal and fungicidal. It would be advisable not to exceed pH=5 with this preservative. 
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