Spreadable beeswax without oil/non-slip lotion ingredients

Hi everyone ? I’m working on making a skin grip product for myself that’s resistant to sweat that could be used on contact points like the insides of the knees and elbows for aerialists (I do Chinese Pole). I want to make spreadable beeswax, but since oils are out of the question (too slippery), I’m thinking of trying hydrocarbons. It’s been a struggle to find information on this though, and so far my attempts with different amounts of isododecane have yielded a barely softened product that’s somehow still too slippery.

I’m also working on a gentler grip product for all over the body in lotion form, since dry skin also inhibits grip, but most lotions get way too slippery to use. I’ve had more success with this using extremely light oils, beeswax, a complete emulsifier, and some humectants like glycerine, aloe, and capryl glycol, but would welcome any ideas of swaps or new ingredients that could enhance adhesion to skin (especially in the presence of sweat) and/or replace the oil—or emulsifier that would allow for very little oil in the formulation.

I can provide more formulation info if that’s helpful but really any ingredient suggestions in general would be a huge help. It’s hard to know what you don’t know yet while starting out in this. Thanks in advance!
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