Experiences with SLSa in Liquid Products @ a low percentage

I'm working on a liquid shampoo, i want it to be cali prop 65 good so I'm playing with a few options. one of them is SLSa, I have never used this ingredient but i plan to even if it's a complete failure, I'm just waiting to order it. Now I know this is used for solid bars because this stuff sucks water right up but lotioncrafter has it listed that you can use it in liquid products up from 1% to 4%.

That's the background on how i got to my question. What is the experience you guys have when using SLSa in your liquid products... even if you've used it only at 1%. Did it turn to concrete? Did you find it made good/bad liquid shampoo? Did you not need a thickener? did everything go okay? did it 'separate' 

Thank you.
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