Gel formulation with Propolis extract

Hi guys,

this is my first post and im happy to be part of the community. 

I needyour advise please on how to dissolve propolis extract (propolis10.7% ; alcohol 53% )in a gel formulation.

Here is my Formula;
 Phase A
- Distilled Water 70.5
- Bamboo water 5%
- Witch hazel ext 3%
- Olive leave ext 2%
- propanediol 4%
- aloe vera powder 0.5%
- caffeine 0.5%
- propolis ext 1%
Phase B
- glycerin 4%
- solagum 1%
Phase C
- symbio solv clear plus 6%
- vitamin E 0.5%
- Essential oil 1%
Phase D
- Preservative 1%

when I added propolis to end of phase A, it didnt dissolve properly and had brownish clumps and gel turns milky. also I have another problem, when I add symbio, EO & Vitamin E to the mixture it become very foamy.

would love to hear your advise please.


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Try adding the extract into the water as the second ingredient. Then see which ingredient it is not compatible with.

    What type of mixer are you using? If you are using a hand mixer then I would suggest you get a proper, center stir mixer to prevent foaming.

    See this discussion for the proper equipment to use.
  • majoiemmajoiem Member
    edited January 2019
    Thank you Perry for your reply. I have managed to dissolve propolis into the formulation after several trials and I got clear gel without foam so here is what i did;

    - I have added propolis to symbio solv clear plus with EO & VE and I have heated slightly the mixture before adding to the gel to get rid of the foam.
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