Will this work??

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I am thinking of making a cosmetic cream,and as i dont have all the ingredients,i cannot experiment.please feel free to suggest other quantity,even remove for the ingredients.here it goes

1.   70-?%petrolatum
2.   18 %water
3.     1% hydroquinone
4.    0.025% tretinoin
5.    1% clindamycin phosphate
6.    4% nicotinamide

what emulsifier will be good?
What preservative if serve best?
Will they react?
Will it work on clearing acne???
Thank you
Im a newbie


  • If your goal is to make your face falling off then it will work. Are you making a nuclear bomb or what? Your formula isn’t equal 100% and you are trying to make a concoction with 3% of hydroquinone and tretinoin (how much?). These are not toys. Learn how to make simple o/w lotions first then move to actives. I am not even sure you can buy tretinoin and hydroquinone.

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    @ngarayeva001 those are the serial numbers, but still agree that not for newbie.
  • Ok..thank you both?
  • Sorry it showed as 3.1% on my phone. But I think any amount of hydroquinone is not safe for a beginner. Start from simple products and then move to actives.
  • yes sir
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    @Jake99 Definitely start with a regular lotion as @ngarayeva001 suggested.

    You are missing an emulsifier to keep the water and petrolatum together. As you are starting out as a newbie try something along the lines of simple formulas from lotioncrafter.com or makingcosmetics.com

    You should also be aware for the future that Clindamycin is not a cosmetic ingredient. It is a drug (antibiotic) which could lead to the development of MRSA strains if misused.

    Tretinoin is likewise a drug compound, OTC in the US. The compound is prone to oxidation and requires a decent amount of experience to formulate a stable and safe product.

    You can read a lot on hydroquinone on the forum, but I would suggest steering clear of it altogether.
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  • Thank you.I'll do as you recommended?
    I thought mixing hydroquinone with clindamycin would be like a two in one product.will they react though?just curious..thanks
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    I don't know the regulations in the country where you live, but I don't think you can buy clindamycine either (same with tretinoin as mentioned by ngarayeva001), they're not cosmetics.

    Edit: I see Sibech has answered this in the mean time.
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    @Jake99 No Chemically clindamycin is not likely to react with hydroquinone as is.
    Dabbling Formulator — Qualified Cosmetic Safety Assessor — experienced in claim substantiation & EU regulatory affairs.
  • Thank you
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