Using Polymethylsilsesquioxane in Creams?

What has been your experience using polymethylsilsesquioxane (either alone or as a listed ingredient in the INCI of a branded ingredient product) in creams in terms of performance and skin feel effects?

I would greatly appreciate any comments and/or discussion about polymethylsilsesquioxane as an ingredient in skin lotions and creams.



  • mayachemmayachem Member
    edited January 18
    I usualy use it in  foundation/concealer/liquid lipsticks formulas for transfer resistance and comfort. But in my supplier's dossier , I see potensial applications in skin care (creams/lotions). I imagine that it helps by providing comfort and wearability.
    It's an excellent ingredient in color cosmetics,I am not sure though,  if its price is worth it for the reason added.
    *I mean for the reason added it creams/lotions
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