Please help formulating dog detangler

Lots of dog detanglers seem identical to human ones:

They comprise
behentrimonium methosulfate / chloride, or cetrimonium chloride
cetyl or cetearyl alcohol
some contain silicones
and of course water and preservatives.

I realized
A. Dogs don't like sprays, so rub on liquids/creams are better.
B. Human conditioners work fine but dogs need more detangling than humans do. 

1 Is amodimethicone preferable to dimethicone?
2 Is a high-slip silicone like Polyox desirable?
3 Are additional cationics like stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, cationic guar or polyquaterniums needed or its overkill?
4 Isothazolinones are toxic for pets. Are parabens OK?
5 Any other advice?
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