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Hi, I'm looking to set up a small cosmetic formulating lab and need sources for equipment to buy. I need to keep it on the small scale size for now but I want to upgrade from my hand emulsion blender to a more professional blender. Also I'm looking for an electric hot plate for heating my material. Please can anyone provide a good source for where to purchase this equipment?


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    First, give us an approximate budget.

    Next, tell us the purpose of the lab - home crafting, professional consulting, manufacturing support, etc., and the types of products you want to make in the lab.

    Last, tell us what's more important to you - small numbers of high quality but expensive gear with a long life, or larger numbers of lower quality, cheaper equipment that will have to be replaced in a few years.
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  • My budget is up to $1000 for now, if that can buy me anything. I'm crafting skin care products, creams, serums, cleansers, shampoo and conditioner on a small scale now. Planing to sell at some local stores and online. So I would say, home crafting - professional market.
    I would say cheaper equipment for now, if I can make it as a company, down the road I can upgrade my equipment.
    Thank you.
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    love, I'm in the same category as you, I've been acquiring equipment one item at a time, however a friend of mine who manufactures industrial adhesives mentioned to me once about occasional auctions for used lab equipment, when companies go belly up, the savings are simply amazing, the difficult part is to know when this auctions happen and what kind of publications pass the message. I'll check back with him to find out more.
  • ebay!
  • Thanks eperfumes. I'm getting desperate, I really need to get some equipment soon and I don't know where to look.
  • Well auctions invitations are mostly passed around to people in the industry and then through them to other people in the industry. 
    If ebay isn't a good resource then search for your local "Used lab equipment" companies, look through their websites or call them up. They definitely have your basic lab equipment and can give you fairly good warranties. 
  • So eBay looks promising. A few questions: do I need a stirrer with a clamp to hold the beaker or is one with out a clap ok? What is the rpm range I should be looking for in making creams, face wash, shampoo, facial serums?
    What type of blade is necessary to preform these tasks?
    In regards to a hot plate, should is get one that has a magnetic stirrer?
    Do I need two hot plates, one for water phase, one for oil phase warming?
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    This discussion should be helpful in terms of finding the right stirrer -

    Stirrers generally don't come with clamps but you can ask the supplier for a suitable stand and bosshead.  You'll also need a bosshead to attach your clamp which holds your beaker to your stand.

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