Cosmetic Company jobs in Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA - NOT contract

Hello everyone. My name  is Sharon. I'm a recruiter looking for Cosmetic Chemists, R&D Project Managers, Stability Lab Techs, Testing Lab Techs and Process Scale up Specialists for an International Cosmetics company with offices in Florida and South America.  These positions are in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

These jobs require bilingual Spanish speakers since they work directly with their offices in South America.

I hope to find some excellent candidates or some advice on how to find excellent candidates or even receive some referrals. These are great opportunities in the United States. Candidates must be in the US because this company will not pay international relocation or sponsorships. You can send your resume to me at Or let me know which position interests you and I will send you the job description so you can decide if you want to pursue the opportunity. I look forward to speaking with any interested candidates. These are not contract positions. You would work directly for the company. Thank you everyone!



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    RAAG1718 said:
    I'm interested but I can't speak Spanish 

    I'm interested but I can't speak Spanish 
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