Reputable Private Label Manufacturers

Does anyone have some recommendations on good private label men's hair product companies? Primarily styling products, and I mean private label as in already existing formulas just using different branding. 



  • MicroformulationMicroformulation Member, Professional Chemist
    If you go to HAPPI (a Trade Journal), they have a searchable directory of manufacturers. Microformulation Cosmetic Consulting provides Custom Formulations for both large Commercial accounts as well as smaller entrepreneurs. We can provide Naturally compliant Formulations under the NSF, NPA, Whole Foods and USDA Organic Certifications. BS.Pharm Albany College of Pharmacy, Union University.
  • Are there any names that stick out as being reputable? I've gone through Happi a couple times but I'm not sure how to judge the listings.
  • Would help to know what country you're in 
  • product types
    location that would work for you.
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