Siligel Reacting with Oil?

Hi, my chemist created a vitamin C serum and it contains Siligel to give it texture and to suspend mica. For a couple of people who tried it, they noticed white substance rubbing off when they apply moisturizer on top. This happens even after they've waited for the serum to have completely dried and absorbed. For me personally, it seems to happen only when I apply oil on top. Does Siligel react with oil? My chemist thinks it is simply because I didn't wait for the serum to dry before applying other layers, but I did. Any thoughts? 


  • Provide the detailed formula with INCI and %. It could be many things. Too much of thickener for example. Siligel contains xantham, it will rub off if you use too much.
  • Unfortunately, I don't have that info. My chemist owns the formula. 
  • Well, you should request it because you won’t be able to figure out if their explanation is true.
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