Can laundry detergent formulation reduce lint on clothes?

Some tell me it can't be done as lint is mechanically shedded by the washer movement, and formulation has no effect on that.

OTOH detergent residues, which can be mistaken for lint can be reduced by using more soluble surfactants (i.e. using Potassium instead of Sodium salts), or reducing their overall concentration.

What do you guys advise?


  • DASDAS Member
    Of course, mainly because of the abuse of salt, and one of the reasons people stop using powders. 

    See it for yourself, put a piece of cotton and wash it 10 times with surfactants and 5% salt and a second piece with the same amount of surfactants without salt. you won't even need a microscope to see the difference.
  • Great info @DAS
    Do you know if Sodium citrate, TetraSodium EDTA or Paraben Sodium salt (all of them are actually salts) work the same way?

    BTW do you know why salt causes this undesirable effect?
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