Best Practices for Working with Formulation and Testing Services

What are best practices and processes when working with contract formulation/formulator services and third party testing services (stability, rheology, consumer acceptance, etc.)? 

How does the formulation and testing process go in terms of ideal chronology and overall process?  How is coordination ideally managed among the contract formulation/formulator and various third party testing services?  What are the steps in the formulation, testing and formula finalization process?  What types of testing are best handled by the contract formulation/formulator services?  What types of testing are best handled by third party testing services?

I would greatly appreciate and welcome any and all suggestions and comments.


  • Hi Spadirect

    This is obviously a personal question to each formulator. It is also dependent on the specific product and product requirements.

    Having said that I would recommmend engaging the formulator first they can through experience obtain a rough guideline formula dependent on the product requirements. (Smell's like this , this texture, this colour etc)

    In my opinion due to cost and that you would not want to be doing multiple third party testings unless absolutely neccesary you would save these until your formula is mostly stabilised. Say you wanted rheology  testwork, preservative testing etc.
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