Need Help!!! Solubility of Ceteareth-20

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Dear All...  i have a question about solubility of Ceteareth-20

today i purchased Ceteareth-20 from my local supplier, but i worried if supplier give me wrong item

try to mix water, alcohol and ceteareth-20 together in glass besker, after 5 minutes and there is no reaction, i try to heat till ceteareth-20 full dissolve, but still not soluble with water+alcohol (50/50)

any one to help me to make sure?? i worried my supplier sell to me ordinary cetyl alcohol, and not ceteareth-20 


  • I had the same experience with Ceteareth-25, and I believe they must be similar. If you want to check if this is an emulsifiyer, try to make an emulsion with it in a regular way (put it in an oil phase and melt it then mix with hot water phase). Cetyl Alcohol won't form an emulsion.
  • yes, i was try this methode, start with 5 gram ceteareth-20 and 5ml coconut oil and 5ml hot water.. and can’t be emulsion 
  • What temp are you melting and combining the phases at? Bring to at least 82 c and mix well. Cet 20/25 likes to clump when water is added until mixed from my experience.

    I would contact your supplier and make sure it is what you ordered.
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