Should I dilute sulfonic acid before neutralizing it with Sodium hydroxide ?



  • agagag said:
    I've got another question. I made neutralisation and after night I get product with pH 8. But my sample delaminate...On the top my pH is 8, and on the bottom pH is 12. Should I change the quantity of NaOH...?
    What's LABSA concentration?
    Some low grade LABSA have trouble getting past 15%.

    Also, you can try neutralizing it with Sodium carbonate (Soda ash) instead of NaOH to see if it works.
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    I add my alkali first to water, then LABSA. Can always adjust pH slowly at the end. 
  • My LABSA is 95% and I dilute it into 30%. Than I am adding 30% NaOH and I have delaminate salt. Tomorrow I will mix it as @Chemist77 wrote

  • Is that 30% total LABSA in your finished formulation?
    If so, this is too high a concentration.

    Also, 30% LABSA doesn't need 30% total NaOH to neutralize
    search for LABSA and NaOH molecular weights, to get the relative proportions to each other.
  • Thank you @Gunther. Yes, now I am searching for the best proportion to get neutralized product. I am also checking how long my neutralitzaion will take.
  • you should dilute LABSA before neutralize by NaOH (30%), for get pH 8 , use NaOH then adjust by TEA
  • Thank you guys for educating us.

    What percentage of NaOH & LABSA is required too get a clear & transparent mixture with relaive thickness/viscosity. What percentage of water should l use to dissolve the NaOH.

    Do l need to dilute the LABSA, if Yes, what water percentage is required and what is sequence of mixing the ingredients.

  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    @imasoat anything upto 20% should keep you good plus if you have other surfactants. I use around 12% plus few other surfactants and the results are pretty good.
  • ...I think my LABSA is not so pure as I thought…@Chemist77 do you know how long did you mix LABSA with NaOH to get pH8?
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    Mixing period will not decide the pH, your acid to base ratio will. 
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    shaujaat said: 
    aaaaaa There is no problem with your material..... It happened to me as well with the same material I uses, what I think what happened was I didnt gave time to each liquid to dissolve completely and poured whole of it at once. It is better for your to divide the water that you are going to use in the process in to two and dilute the sulfuic in the water and then pour slowly the NAOH to neutralize it. don't mix it with other materials until it cools down, that's my experience 

    Perhaps this is one of the most valuable comments of this thread . I faced same problem at first and then over come it by following the Rule , 
    ' Never put your second ingredients until your first one is completely dissolved ' . 
    Dissolve NaOH in adequate of water , then pour LABSA slowly with stirring over a 15 to 20 minutes of time and continue stirring until completely dissolve and get a transparent solution . 
    Hope you will overcome this problem . 
  • For the same amount of LABSA (preferably <20% in the final formulation)
    try neutralizing it with both NaOH and Sodium carbonate (in proper proportions to each other, so Google LABSA, NaOH and Sodium carbonate molecular weights)

    I got a feeling that the strongly alkaline NaOH degrades LABSA, unlike the milder carbonate.
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