Brightening essential oils

Hello fam, what essential oil or oils have natural brightening properties in them please, as oils have skin building properties in them, would love to incorporate as a body oil but want ones that already have brightening properties in them, please help. 


  • @Majman read this discussion before starting formulating any leave on procuct with essential oils  and pay attention to the study shared by Perry.

    Essential oils are either cytotoxic or phototoxic or both. Eventhough some of them have certain skin benefits the side effects eliminate them. If you want to make a product with brightening properties that will actually work: Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, combination of Niacinamide and N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. Research them and choose the one that works for your product.
  • Thanks @ngarayeva001 I think what I wanted to say is carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil ,etc those sort of oils or are they same as EOs? 
  • Try turmeric extract & raw honey grape seed oils 

  • @Majman no, coconut oil and other oils you listed are carrier oils. Essential oils are lavender, tea tree, orange and other oils that have strong smell. No oil has real brightening properties. However if you need to say (marketing claim) to the client that ‘it has brightening properties, use rosehip oil (INCI rosa canina fruit oil). It has some traces of Vitamin A. Not enough to do something but enough to ‘say’ that it does. It also has great color (it will give your lotion creamy vanilla color) and it’s a good oil in general. If you want to use extracts, try licorice root (it has some brightening properties.
  • @Dtdang I like grapeseed oil it’s nice and light but from the same article you shared today, it’s very high in linoleic acids, so very unstable. Add good amount of vitamin E if using it.
  • Thanks so much @Dtdang and @ngarayeva001 I feel my eyes opened and brain enriched
  • @ngarayeva001 linoleic acid is very unstable when it is stored not properly such as exposing to light and hot temperature. In the formulation with the preserve and vitamin E and other oils with high anti-bacteria, the linoleic acid is stable enough. I am testing it now. Converted to sitting at room temperature is about 3 months. It is still put in the hard conditions such as cold, hot temperature and exposing light. Cetyl alcohol and xanthan gum + carbomer make the cream more stable. It has not break down yet.
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