How do I extract potential nutrients from seaweed and algae?

So, I have been formulating for a moisturizer and I want to add some algae extract. 
But, i need the pointers for it, like, how to extract certain proteins from them, how to add them etc. 
Is there someone working on similar topic who can help me?


  • DASDAS Member
    You don't. Leave that to large companies that actually know what they are doing and buy the stable, tested and reliable raw material.
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    More to the point is how you will keep the finished product stable.
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  • First, see if it actually works and does something noticeable.

    Then you can try cold extraction, boiling it and filtering
    and extraction with alcohol (cold extraction, since alcohol is flammable).
  • MicroformulationMicroformulation Member, Professional Chemist
    @Gunther Then you still have a nonstandardized extract still, albeit a better extracted one. It doesn't address the need for accuracy and batch-to-batch consistency. Microformulation Cosmetic Consulting provides Custom Formulations for both large Commercial accounts as well as smaller entrepreneurs. We can provide Naturally compliant Formulations under the NSF, NPA, Whole Foods and USDA Organic Certifications. BS.Pharm Albany College of Pharmacy, Union University.
  • @DAS I know how to get the raw material ready. I have the biomass and all, the problematic part is stabilization yes (as @Belassi mentioned) but that would be on a later stage. I have the biomass, what I need is a way to extract proteins from it. I can carry out zonal chromatography etc but I just wanted to know if anyone here has tried it. 
    @Gunther, according to recent researches, algae and seaweed extract work in moisturizers ad for anti-aging. And thank you for suggesting cold extraction, will surely try it. 

  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    There’s a long way from some positive results in lab studies of an ingredient to actually seeing any benefits in a formula. In the vast majority of cases, lab results can’t be replicated in real life.

    Better to leave to professionals of course. But my opinion is that the only thing that matters in your extraction process is that you do it in a consistent way. No matter how you do it, it’s unlikely you’ll see much effect in your final formula.  But it’s worth proving that for yourself 
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