Emulsion with anionic co-emulsifer

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I'm making this cream with ceteareth-20 as my main emulsifier and sodium cetearyl sulfate as my co-emulsifier. I've seen that when I use this combination, my emulsion comes very thick, without having to use carbomer or any other thickeners. My issue is that the emulsion doesn't look uniform. 
I've tried replacing this anionic emulsifier with a low HLB non ionic one, resulting in an uniform but very thin emulsion. 

Any suggestion as to what can I do to keep these 2 emulsifiers and have an uniform emulsion?

qs  DI water 
2.0% glycerin
8.0% isopropyl myristate
5.0% cetearyl alcohol
3.0% ceteareth-20
3.0% cetyl alcohol
1.5% sodium cetearyl sulfate
1.0% preservative

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