Question about Fashion Industry and it's possible influence in our work

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Hello colleagues
I’d like to ask you a question – Do fashion trends make some impact on your work as a cosmetic chemist? It’s clear that Cosmetic Industry is a part of the Beauty Industry and respectively to the Fashion Industry somehow. Do you follow some fashion trends and if so, do they help ( or they give you some kind of inspiration) in your work?
As for me – I guess, some trends in the Fashion industry make some influence on our work, especially in color cosmetics, perfumes and even in skin care.


  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    Guess beauty industry is ancillary to the fashion industry, no offence but cant imagine the models doing a ramp walk sans make up & perfumes.
  • @vitalys I think it might well play a part in colour cosmetics and packaging. if i were bringing out a new product i might want to have my packaging reflect the current colour trend for that particular season. this might help me get that product in some fashion magazines.
  • @milliachemist Thanks for your thought :)
    @bexy1974, nice input! Indeed, I guess cosmetic chemists who want to be leading in their creations should follow the fashion trends. I have recently scrutinized how the Fashion impacts the cosmetics development. For example: When the "all natural trend" appeared on the stage, Cosmetic companies began to offer less perfumed cosmetics or even "no perfume) at all, When in 80's there were a lot of "fantazy scents" in perfumes, in 90's the trend was changed for mostly floral scents, the "smells of nature" - air, water and even minerals, using less colorants in regular cosmetic products like shampoo etc.. Or e.g. when the fashion for high heels appears, the Cosmetic brands ( which are well tuned for the fashion trends) start to release more foot care products. I can cite a lot of samples of those impacts. So, I think the following the fashion trends helps to develop new leading cosmetic products. Sometimes it allows to conquer the competition within the market.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    I agree it's a good idea to keep an eye on the fashion industry.  One of the main reasons is that your marketing people are doing it so you will look more impressive that you know something about it.  I'm not sure how much fashion impacts actual formulations except maybe the feature ingredients that you decide to add.
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