Pressed Eye shadows

Hello everyone!
I have a couple of questions regarding pressed eye shadows, I currently have a formula that I made for pressed eye shadow but I am having trouble with pigmentation and for some reason when I dip my finger into the eye shadow after it has been pressed into the pan to do a swatch of the color on my arm, the eye shadow get this wet look and bumps on it. Not sure what is causing that but any solutions to both of these two problem would be greatly appreciated! 


  • gld010gld010 Member
    "the eye shadow get this wet look and bumps on it"
    That sounds like it could be glazing. Does it turn kind of grey ish? If that's whats happening then you are using too much oil in your formulation.
  • patcedpatced Member
    Yes! It turns gary and bumpy, i was told that it turns bumpy because of the way it was pressed but not quite sure if that's true 
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