Selling face and body carrier oils - EU Regulations

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I have a quick question about those who are familiar with EU regulations. What safety or other tests would be required for products that only contain carrier oils? I know they won't be any stability or microbial tests necessary, but I am not sure what test or documentations are required to sell them in the EU.

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  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
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    you'll need a Cosmetic Product Safety Report, which is a paper exercise carried out by an accredited toxicologist; a reputable and ethical toxicologist will want to see the MSDS and specs for any of the materials you use, and IFRA certificates/allergen declarations for any essential oils, before they can sign it off as safe
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  • @Bill_Toge Thank you so much for your swift and comprehensive answer! I already have the MSDS for the ingredients I will use, so just need to get the CPSR done and look further into the IFRA certificates. Thanks again, much appreciated :smile:
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