Increasing hydrophilicity of sunscreens?

I am developing the proof of concept for a simple way to increase hydrophilic character of organic UV filters. Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate or Avobenzone are the ingredients of first choice but notoriously poorly soluble. Incorporation into an emulsion may decrease their activity and the best would be to have them suspended in thickened watery lotion.

The concept is to employ Ultra Turrax and to render the UV filters suspended as colloid size micro particles in water, but such suspension collapses. However, when in addition to micro-particles of EHMC orAvobenzone, the system would include also the submicronic particles of talc or silica, such particles will act similarly as a surfactant interacting on one side with the micro particles of UV filter and on the other hand with water.
Can anyone advise me on nanotalc (it seems described in Where could I get a sample?

Can it be expected that the energy provided by Ultra Turrax will be sufficient to prepare micro particles of Avobenzone surrounded with nano-talc ?

Would it be feasible to attach the nano-talc to micro particles of EHMC by using a cross linker such as APTES.


  • Perhaps I should think more about complexing agents - I read about cyclodextrin complexes of UV filters. Could I sort of complex Avobenzone with nano-talc?

    Talc is for the ingredient of choice because it is very soft filler. 

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