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Hi All

Very basic request.... I'm time poor, need some quick suggestions on replacement NE's for Laureth 4/ PEG 400 Dilaurate combo.  It's for a basic body/bath water dispersable (anhydrous) oil base, naturals and Mineral oils. Need NON SOAPY feel, zero foaming. I have used these two above for ages but suppliers have changed and so has the feel of the new emulsifiers.  Need a VERY elegant feel, microemulsion, so no Tween/Brij/Polysorbates.  Cold process, low use.

Any suggestions from past experience would be great, there are obviously so many out there I just need to narrow my search or I will get caught up spending hours and days on Innovadex (or whatever its new name is) searching and I'm on a very tight schedule. 

Thanks so much :-)


  • going to add.... prefer non rheology modifiers. 

  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    What do you mean by NE?  (do you mean New Emulsifier?)

    You haven't provided much information for anyone to give you a good response.  Actual formula levels would be helpful.
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    guess she wants non ethoxylates
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    Paula, assuming "NE' means non-ionic emulsifier, use PEG-40 Peroleate for your bath oil.  It works even better than the combo you were used to. On the other hand, if "NE" means non-ethoxylated, as millia suggests, then you are SOL.
  • Apologies for being so tardy! Overrun with work and little people.

    Sorry - its a terrible Australian (I just deleted Ozzy) habit to abbreviate everything, or alternately ad an O or EY so it sounds good when we yell it :-\ I did mean Non-ionic Emulsifiers. Its just a basic anhydrous bath oil formula, I should have said blooming bath oil maybe.
    Without the chemistry background (me) it is hard to choose - there are just so many emulsifiers to use, I could just throw some detergent in and it will make a blooming oil, but I've got some suggestions now and have ordered some samples.

    I'll try to be more specific with my next question... about silicones. I'll put that in another thread. Thanks very much again!
  • Check out dr straetmans dermofeel pp polyglycerol 3- palmitate. there is a simple formula on innovadex. or just search 'blooming bath oil' on there and it should come up.
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