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Who are the top suppliers of lab equipment based, in and around Perth, apart from Science Equip ?
Just curious, Although I am quite happy with Science Equip as they are the best Lab Suppliers in Perth. I just wanted to know if they have any competitors.
By the way, I teach Chemistry :) :smile:


  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    I like Australian Scientific (not in Perth but they ship) (

    I have also received lots of marketing information for but haven't used them as yet.

  • MaxMax Member
    try also, Labtek, Labgear, some good new/second hand at Science essentials.
    To be honest Ebay is also a good/cheap option for basic equipment.
  • I'm originally from Perth, and appreciate your isolation. I'd give a try. I now live on an island where we have cosmetics manufacturing facility, and find labfriend very useful. Have made some siginifant purchases. Top grade equipment, good prices.
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