Looking for a Chemist with experience in Eyebrow tints/dyes

Good Afternoon All,

I am looking for a cosmetic chemist who could help with creating a formula for a product I am interested in producing. I have no experience within the cosmetic industry other than being a consumer who wishes to create something that would be more than useful for myself, and I assume for others too.

I would like to work with someone who has experience in working with Eyebrow tints/dyes; initially I was looking into Henna products but realised it does not fit the bill for this project. I am based in the UK with no issues working with anyone internationally.

I am more than willing to remunerate the costs of time, ingredients, samples, and shipping.

As I say, I have no experience within the cosmetics industry so haven’t a clue on where to start with creating formulas, there are other products out there on the market that are similar to what I would like to create (I guess that’s a starting point) but not exactly the same.

If you believe you can help with this, please drop a comment below with your contact details, so I can email you with more information on this project.

Many Thanks,


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