Silicone Alternatives

Has anybody experienced any of the silicone alternatives like VegeSil 345 or the LexFeel N-series?  I want to use them alone as a clear serum.  


  • I've tried Lexfeel silicone alternatives (N5, D5 and 350).
    The D5 seems to be as volatile as cyclo D5, I was positively surprised about the results.
  • I haven't used it in a formulation but only tested the feel on my skin.  It doesn't seem to have the slip like a regular silicone.  It absorbed very quickly.  I really need the long term slip.  this was with the 350
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    @Chemist5000 identical properties would be difficult to expect, every molecule is unique. IMO the base of invention of such replacement products started with bad publicity/scaremongering in most of the cases. As technial people the onus falls on us to explain/educate the customers that a natural (or so and so free) chemical cannot be expected to impart same properties as the original one. A compromise on certain features would be the best approach to start with and the same has to be conveyed to the customers who come up with such PD requests.
  • Vegesil used alone feels nice if you are talking about just repackaging it as a finished good.  I just don't recall if it is preserved, so check the inci or deck on the sds.  It should state it there.  (or ask your rep)  It's not that complex to mimic the feel of.  Many D5 replacements are nice, but not to be used pure as a serum.  You'd end up craving the feel of something a little more viscous and loving as a face application experience (from a user perspective). that point if you are going to thicken raw materials like that, you might as well make it cost effective and just modify or make your own natural serum that feels just as nice.  I suggest reading more about natural lipids that are compatible with silicones.  It will inspire your creativity and allow you to explore on your own. :)
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