hi ,pls am just asking how i can fix fragence (perfume) on clean product ,to make the fresh smell stay 4-5hour after using it.some ppl told me glycerine ;some told me add isopropanol and ethanol but no good result i use now 
0.7%perfum with 0.35% fixer (that comerciel name) and 0.7% isopropanol 
but the result still weak .....pls help me how i can made a good floor odor and the stay as long possible

here they dont give us the name (INCI) of that fixer ...they only said it fixer and told us that it fix fragence with
all my research told me maybe it NP9 (bcs it have high viscocity) 
but i have no idea.

i just asking if there is a way or book teach me how to fix fragence of floor clean and stay as long possible 


  • I'd never use something that I have no info of what it is. 
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