Bubbles appear while filling the product

Hello, we are making water based pomades (somebody call it creamy hair waxes, or fixative hair creams) for man hair. Is there any chance somebody may know why when filling it to tins, many bubbles come out from the bottom of pomade. When mixing the pomade (after joining water phase with oil phase) it seems no bubbles, it seems perfect. But when we start filling to jars, suddenly the bubbles come out. We tried many different temperatures - nothing helps. Even more, the higher the temperature, the bigger "tough film" layer on top. Any ideas would be highly appreciated. 


  • Any filling process will introduce air in your product. The best solution is a vacuum filling machine. 
  • Use a presto pot and it will pour from the bottom of the mix (no air bubbles) instead of the top of the pouring pitcher. Maybe visit one of those Facebook groups that cater to pomade brewing. Pomade Entrepreneurs group is a good one - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1305779196188922/

  • Maybe it has something to do with your filling machine. What type of machine? Maybe you can slower the filling speed/ pressure
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