Performance characteristics of Shampoo

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Hi All, I am trying to find out what typical performance characteristics one should think about for Shampoo. I am thinking - foam, thickness, conditioning, cleaning etc. What else can i use?


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Combing, shine, detangling, feel.  All of these can be done wet & dry if you have tresses to test.

    For foam, thickness, amount, density
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    Think about using shampoo. What's the first thing you notice? Probably the amount you have to use, to create the foam you want. The second thing might be whether it irritates your eyes. The third, how easy it is to comb the wet hair after rinsing. The fourth, how the hair feels when dry. The fifth, shine.
    That's just the hair.
    Then you might want to consider scalp health.
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  • In addition do not forget Rheology ie spread-ability on wet hair and fly-away (static control).
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