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This overhead stirrer/mixer (Mophorn Electric Overhead Stirrer/Mixer) is being advised by Perry here on Chemist Corner. It's getting good reviews for small batches.
Point is, the sellers on Amazon don't ship it internationally and I can't find any other company that does.
Does anyone know which company that ships internationally sells this mixer OR can recommend a overhead mixer that's comparable (also in price)?
I would appreciate it!


  • Initially i was also stuck for a mixer as these type of model do not ship to South Africa. I eventually used a standard desktop drill press with a vsd attached. That worked well for some time until i needed a homogenizer. struggled for about 18 months to get a homogenizer from china or india as locally they just do the most expensive stuff in the world (Silverson). ended up buying at a distressed auction for a 10th of the second hand price.
  • Check for the same model on ebay. I'm sure you will find it. 
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    Nope, Ebay or Amazon: can't find sellers that ship to this country.

    Thanks for the link! I'm willing to try that, has anyone on here tried this DIY project?
    It would be less hassle though if there were a brand like Mophorn, but so far I can't find anything...
    Edit: The items necessary for this project aren't shipped to this country either. Frustrating!
  • OMG, where are you from? :)
    What about alibaba.com,  they do ship worldwide. 

  • Rec’d this mixer today. No assembly instructions but I’m sure I can figure it out, and the paperwork included is in Chinese. 
  • Any specific model mentioned in the paperwork? 
  • This is the Mophorn Electric Overhead Stirrer Doreen linked above. Got it put together just fine. Can’t wait to try it out. I have a Silverson but it’s time-consuming to clean so I’m hoping I’ll like this mixer. If not I’ll have a raffle and give it away.
  • @tanelise please keep updating us about this stirrer  ;)
  • 100W motor should do fine with viscous semidolids.
    It should be easily reparable too. 
    Does the stirring rod vibrate at high speed?
  • @tanelise
    I have bought other mixers in the mean time. I wish I could order it some other way, rather than the few sellers on Amazon, who don't ship this mixer abroad.
    It's amazingly cheap so I hope for you that it's durable.
  • @zaidjeber, I sure will.

    @em88, not sure if it vibrates at high speed. I’m waiting on some raw materials to arrive so I can try it out.

    @Doreen81, I wish you could order it as well. Wonder what the shipping would cost from my location (Atlanta, GA, USA) to yours?

  • @tanelise
    So kind of you to think of that!
    I already have a new mixer, so there's no urgent need. 
    Keep us informed about it, though! (if the new mixer isn't all that great, I might want the Mophorn anyway)
    Shipping prices all fees etc included to here are quite high. I think it will be around what the Mophorn costs.
  • @Doreen81, I sure will! What kind of mixer did you purchase? Send the link if you have time and don’t mind.

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    Oh nothing 'special' yet. A new stick blender for high shear, planetary mixer for low shear (for home crafting).
    At work we have Ultra Turrax homogenizers, there is a small change I can buy one of these second hand at a reduced price (still pricey nonetheless).
  • OK, used this mixer for the first time last night, and again this afternoon and I must say we got along much better today. @em88, yes it does vibrate at a high speed, and at one point it started going faster and faster. I had one hand on the beaker handle, another on the mixer and needed a third hand to turn it off. You also have to be sure the shaft is very secure or it’ll fall out after it hits the side of the beaker a couple times.

    That was last night. Today I used it with no problems. 
  • kotkot Member, PCF student
    tanelise  Why have you had one hand on the beaker? Are you not using the "holder/clamp" not sure what it called...

  • @kot, I don’t usually hold the beakers but I was using a stainless steel one that had a handle. The mixer came with the holder/clamp but I just didn’t attach it. It fits my smaller beakers but not the larger ones.
  • We use hose clamps attached to a... stick(?) for ours, they come in a multitude of sizes and are adjustable. Maybe look for something like that?
  • @gld010 good idea. Thanks for the tip! 
  • Thanks for the feedback! 
  • @em88 overall, I think I like it. Worth the $95 I spent on it (and free shipping on Amazon)
  • Agreed. I wanted to build one myself, but $95 is already cheap. 
  • @em88 agree! Why bother? Lol
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