Where to buy Euxyl PE 9010

Hi all,
I was looking to buy some Euxyl PE 9010 for my hair products but I can't find a distributor who does not charge me an arm and a leg for the product (I am not looking to buy huge amounts of the product). I live in Canada and it would be preferable if the distributor was in North America. 

So far, the only two websites I have found who sell smaller amounts are Naturallythinking and Bulkactive. Naturallythinking is based in the UK so the shipping costs are quite high and Bulkactive only sells 50g bottles.

Any recommendations would be very appreacited.



  • My advice is to call the local office of Schulke and ask for the list of resellers of PE 9010 they have in the area. Then call one by one and ask for prices, sizes and shipping. It's best if you call a direct distributor to assure the quality of the product. So far I never had a no for an answer.
  • @DAS Thanks a lot for the advice! Seems like the best idea. 
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    Lotioncrafter has it available in up to 10kg lots. Also try searching for the INCI name as many distributors rename the products.

    If you want 10kg or more just go straight to Schulke.
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