Should you disclose your exact formula for quoting if you supply raws?

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Usually at sub 5000 unit production runs, contract manufacturers prefer that you supply/order raw materials (including SDS,TDS and COAs).

If you supply raws, for initial quoting, even though you have an NDA in place - wouldn't the ingredient list with phase designations and method excluding ingredient percentages be adequate? Or would you be seen as a difficult nutcase?  :#

Then once you've gotten a good quote and all other costs check out, you can give them the full list for sample production? 


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    I might do things differently - supply phases, methods, and percentages, but only use vague generic terms for the ingredients. If I am purchasing the ingredients myself, why should it matter to a price quote if I use one grade of microcrystalline wax over another, for example.
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  • You can do it via Phases using functionality of each ingredient and wt/wt % with mixing process but with an NDA we usually give them a process specification.
  • So It seems I won't come off as a complete nutter, we'll see how it goes.
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