UV Inhibitor Needed for Lip Products?

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I have just started making lip products as a hobby and had a question about uv inhibitors. I have experience in making colored candles and I usually add a uv inhibitor to try to prevent premature color fading. I am in the process of making chapstick that is in a transparent tube and cream lipstick that is in a lipgloss tube. I plan on using fd&c lake dyes for the lipstick and I was thinking about using hibiscus infused oil for the chapstick. I know that the natural coloring of the hibiscus is more prone to fading, but I am not sure about the dyes. I am not planning on selling anything, but I do want to give them to friends and family as gifts so I don't want the color to be fading on them. I have done some research and discovered Benzophenone-3 (Oxybenzone) is a lip safe sunscreen. I am not looking to add any skin protecting sunscreen abilities, but will this protect the color? If so what percent would be sufficient? Or is there another additive that would be effective in protecting the color? 


  • Use 1 percent oxybenzone
  • Thank you!
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    Just as a FYI - once you "lake" a dye, it isn't a dye anymore. Dyes are soluble. When you precipitate a dye solution by adding a binder, the dye that precipitates has become a laked pigment, which is no longer soluble.

    If you do a google search on the two terms, you'll see what I'm talking about.

    (Also, I would strongly recommend against using any actual dyes in lipstick. Using the correct terminology will help keep you from making that kind of mistake.)
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