Lactic Acid as Preservative for Linen Spray Formulation

While I was online shopping, I stumbled upon an organic linen spray product claiming that it only contains three (3) ingredients:

1. distilled water
2. essential oil
3. lactic acid

I believe that the lactic acid serves as the preservative for the formulation. I know lactic acid is used as preservative for food but for cosmetics formulation, I'm not so sure. What are your thoughts? What do you think is the percentage of lactic acid in the formulation?


  • Lactic Acid is not a preservative. It is used to keep PH value in the required range, where preservatives effectively work. Also It is used as Moisturizing Factor.
  • I agree with @manuksh . Usually room and linen spray dont have preservatives. 
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    Did you need to shake this product before use. It would usually need a solubilizer for the essential oil and/or some ethanol to make it a complete product. 
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Perhaps they didn't label all their ingredients.
  • @ozgirl: you have to shake the product vigorously. no solubiliser based on their listed ingredients

    @Perry: most likely. they are selling linen sprays in gallons and the product is water based. hence, the need for preservative
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