Watery Cream

I want to make a cream that is transparent. I have an old formula but the final result is white because of the emulsifiers (which also have a waxy texture, that you can just put it in your hair). Any suggestions?


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    I think a cream by definition is not transparent.  

    What do you want the end product to do?  

    Most likely to get a transparent formula you will have to make a gel using carbomer.
  • I agree with Perry. It is impossible to have a transparent final product, when creams have 2 fazes in which a faze is dispersed in the other. 
  • @Perry @em88 I know but our marketing wants it transparent. I havent seen a facial cream that is transparent. But I guess our marketing dept. wants it unique. We want the cream to moisturize the skin. A gel-like texture that when rubbed becomes watery.

  • Try sepineo p600. It should make a cream translucent and trasparent + watery when applied on the skin. As you know it will depend on the oil faze you will add. You should stick to trasnparent oils like paraffin oil...

  • Hire a formulator?
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