Suspending actives in anhydrous formula

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I'm currently working on a an anhydrous tanning oil formula and I'm curious if there's any way to suspend water soluble actives within formula while still maintaining its liquid state? Is there a way to keep the formula as a liquid oil (not a lotion) and incorporate water soluble actives??

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  • By suspend assume you mean solid actives and answer is no  as Stokes Law (settling) like sand in water will come into play sooner or later.A nano dispersion may work.
  • It's possible.
    But you need special dispersants and rheology modifiers. Also you have to make your particles as small as possible. 90%<10 micron (better 5 micron).
  • problem is as particles become smaller Thermodynamic instability via Oswald Ripening(OR) takes over gradually leading to sedimentation via Crystal growth,micro size you may stand a chance with polymeric stabilizer that does not increase viscosity of oil.I don't know of any but even still total prevention of OR at the solid/liquid interface is unlikely.
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    No one said it will be easy.
    In my portfolio there is 1 commercial product with 4% a.i. in corn oil. Particle size is 90%<3 micron.
    3 years stable at RT. 6 months stable at +40 and -30C stable.
    So, It's possible
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