EU Contract Manufacturers: 1000+ units - Know any good ones?

Having moved to Europe I'm looking to launch my product line into the European market, for starters online (full disclosure will come post-launch).

Importing products from the US isn't a good long term strategy, and all US products isn't fair game on the EU market, so I'm wondering if you know any good small scale or flexible EU CMOs (starting at 1000 unit runs for under 2 eur/unit excluding raw and packaging materials).

Or if you know a good strategy for finding them, any EU country is fair game. I've asked the people I work with here already.


  • In what products do you want to start with ?@Zink
    The firm I work for, is a private label cosmetic producer, located in Greece.
  • LahavLahav Member
    Would love to offer you my services, if Israel is an option!
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