What is the best mixer for small production?

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Hello. Last week I sent back a Lab mixer from Silverson after a two week trial period. We have been formulating 4 massage cremes for a while now and are pretty close to finished products. One lotion, two a bit thicker and last one almost a paste. What kind of professional mixer set up would you have for just 4 cremes? We will be offering 2L bulk containers also, so we plan on scale up amounts. The Silverson seemed to mix well but heated up the creme with its high RPM's and couldn't mix our medium thickness creme unless we moved the beaker around. It's expensive and the sales rep hasn't educated us on a direction to move in.
Our formulator used  a stick blender to formulate and small batch for us,
but we want to move forward creating and manufacturing healthful cremes. I wouldn't think this is that difficult.
Appreciate your responses,



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  •  I did read through the info and found it helpful. As a non formulator it's tricky to know what direction to go with the info. I don't want to make the mistake of buying expensive equipment that I don't need.
    Thanks Perry.
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    For your purposes, you should look into a trial of the Admix Rotostat. It has a stronger pumping action than the Silverson, and won't heat up batches as much.
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  • Thanks I appreciate that. I'll check it out.
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