Buffer system for urea in a product with ph 8

Hello All,

Looking to buffer urea in a body wash with a ph of 8.
Based on pK, citric is used only up to ph 6 and lactic only good to 4.8.

I should note that  the body wash contains African black soap as a label ingredient and so must have pH of at least 8.

Of course I will be experimenting, but any advice on buffering urea could save me much time and aggravation.

Thank you! 


  • If you have soap in formula, you do not need a buffer as the former is a good buffer:you are at PH 8 so you should have some free  fatty acid which is even better.
  • Dr Bob,
    Thank you, you are brilliant! 
  • you are welcome and kind to say that
  • Hi Dr Bob,
    Just an update, after 7 days my pH has gone from 8 to 8.2.  I am using 4% soap in the formula and end up with a pH of 8.5, adjusted to 8 with lactic acid.
    At this point, I may just send it to production without urea, but will continue experimenting.  Thought I would share, since you were kind enough to help me.
  • Thanks Ph should level out at 8.0--8.2 in stability study--cheers
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