Hair matte wax ( Butyl Oleate?)

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I have some questions about this formulation I found in italmatch chemicals, which is for a hair wax with matte finish:

Zinc Stereate -2.00 %
Ceteareth-20 -5.00 %
Cetearyl Alcohol-5.00 %
Butyl Oleate - 4.00 %
Water -78.30  %
PVP - 5.00 %
Preservative -0.70 % 

In this formulation they use butyl oleate. I have searched the internet for information about butyl oleate ( Function, presentation, solubility, melting and boiling point) but unfortunately I have not found anything about this, besides it is a very difficult reagent to get in my country

My questions are:
What is the function of butyl oleate in this formulation? Or good, what is the function of this in cosmetic formulations? Could i replace with another commercial reagent? which?

Now, in the formulation, 2% corresponds to the zinc estereate, could i make a combination of this with ozokerite?


  • 1 Butyl Oleate is a lubricant ester emollient which you can replace with iglyceryl mono oleate.

    Why use ozokerite wax which will impede spreadability softness and feel on hair provided by zinc stearate ?
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    DRBOB@VERDIENT.BIZ  Thans for your answer

    Well glyceryl mono oleate is tricky to get too, could you replace it with glyceryl stearate? (Both have the same hlb)
    I understood that ozokerite wax provided the softness
  • Yes you can use GMS in place of GMO but may not be as good a lubricant.Make sure it is self emulsifying:Zinc stearate will provide softness.
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    Thanks so much
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